Macroeconomic Policies for 2017 and beyond

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Fiscal policy options for G20

In this post, Fabrizio Carmignani considers the global macroeconomic context of this year’s G20 meetings. In the face of sluggish GDP growth, and increasingly limited space for further monetary policy manoeuvre, Carmignani outlines potential fiscal policy options for G20 governments to consider individually, and collectively. Read the rest of this entry »

In a time of populism, taxation cooperation could be crucial for a successful G20 summit

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Make the returns from cooperation ‘great again’

However necessary it may be, amid an anti-elitist zeitgeist, the optics of a lavish forum that brings together leaders from twenty of the world’s largest economies cannot help but come across as a little tone-deaf. In this blog, Hugh Jorgensen explores whether taxation might be one area where the G20 could demonstrate an appreciation of, and need to respond to, the public’s apparent and growing frustration with status quo economic policy.

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