You need to understand SDG interactions – here’s why

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Conversation on SDG interactions has just started

A new interactions framework could be key to effective implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals by G20 governments. In this blog Måns Nilsson and Martin Visbeck explore possible ways of empirically tracking degrees of policy coherence between the 17 SDGs, and propose ideas as to what the G20 might do to promote accountability of member governments in upholding the 2030 agenda.

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Turning the global inequality debate into action

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Problems of rising inequality

Although G20 finance ministers in Baden Baden acknowledged the growing challenge of inequality, and the need for more inclusive growth, it is not yet clear what action the G20 leaders might take on the subject at their meeting in Hamburg. As evidence mounts about the risks posed by inequality to both social and economic advancement, this blog considers the merits of a PISA style ranking for inequality that would help processes like the G20 keep track of which policies and countries are succeeding in tackling inequality. The authors also outline specific recommendations for G20 leaders that could enable the G20 members to periodically review and reassess their approaches to redressing inequality.

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In a time of populism, taxation cooperation could be crucial for a successful G20 summit

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Make the returns from cooperation ‘great again’

However necessary it may be, amid an anti-elitist zeitgeist, the optics of a lavish forum that brings together leaders from twenty of the world’s largest economies cannot help but come across as a little tone-deaf. In this blog, Hugh Jorgensen explores whether taxation might be one area where the G20 could demonstrate an appreciation of, and need to respond to, the public’s apparent and growing frustration with status quo economic policy.

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Herculean tasks for the G20 in 2017

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The Focus is not limited to Economy and Finance

Germany will take on the G20 Presidency in December 2016. This is a role which involves tremendous opportunities and responsibilities in a difficult global economic and political Situation. A visionary and global outlook is required in order to pave the way for a more secure future. The G20 is an indispensable actor when it comes to the future of global governance as a means of shaping globalisation. The industrialised nations and emerging economies that make up the G20 account for over 80% of global GNP, greenhouse gas emissions and resource consumption.

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