The BRICS grouping in the G20: A Hedging Strategy

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Flags of BRICS countries
Can BRICS speak with one voice?

In the Delhi Action Plan, devised at the 4th BRICS Summit in March 2012 in India, the BRICS members committed themselves to coordinating their positions at G20 Summits. What has been the role of the 5 BRICS countries in the context of the G20 since then?

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How the T20 can assist the G20 in 2017

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Trade protectionism on the rise

The world is struggling to comprehend the implications of Donald Trump’s election as United States President, including the isolationist, protectionist and anti-trade policies he advanced during the campaign. His election, along with the United Kingdom’s approval of the Brexit referendum in June 2016, has shaken the principles which underpin the G20, namely the pursuit of closer international cooperation.